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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just another night out: 10.1.08

Those of you that know me know I have been in my cave! I've been working on my site, new business cards, etc. So...I haven't really been going out. First I went to a Vh1 casting...this is what I wore:

Later I hit APT in the meatpacking district on a WED for the 1st time in like a year. The music was dope! It was soooooo hott in there. I had to go upstairs to breathe...don't I blend in nicely...

I was hanging with my new friends Vic and Charisma (I met them at the casting) and we all decided at 1:30 am to hit POP burger. But it was closed :(. Vic was devastated...

Really devastated...

Awww...we'll go there next time...don't cry...

All in all a good night out with no drama and I made new friends!  I'm gonna try and step out of my cave more :).

Until then, POP burger!


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