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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The B. Hive: A Funky Voting Drive

My really good friend and client, Ms. Shae Fiol along with Sparla Swa started a wonderful organization called the B. Hive this year.  Their focus is affecting social change through MUSIC!  Here's a personal message from her about their inaugural event:

We, The B. Hive, have been busting our buns to put together a wicked fun and important event as well as an amazing B. Hive compilation CD that we are so proud of!! Performers at the B. Hive concert include Todd Woodward, Sparlha Swa, Ainsley Burrows, Nina Creese, Pyeng Threadgill, Drew Nix and the Elephant Army, me (Shae Fiol,) guest DJ K. Life Walks, and guest speaker Kevin Powell!!

I'm inviting you to please come thru! If you haven't registered to vote yet do it to beautiful and inspiring live music! Or if you have already voted please, please, PLEASE bring or send someone who has not yet registered for what ever reason, OR pass this email along. Let's make it happen!!


When: Saturday October 4th, 2008, ages 18+ 7-10pm
Where: Deity 368 Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond St (Brooklyn, of course)
What: Voter Registration Concert...register to vote or bring people who still need to!
Who: The B. Hive
Why? Change starts with the ideas in your head, I just gave you a positive one...come to Deity on Saturday and jump into the swirling pool of creative energy and let it propel you into proactivity!



Holla at me if you want to get a CD and can't make it to the event.  Conscious from Freehiphopnow.com is reviewing it soon, so look out for that!

See ya there!


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