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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Retail Store Closings

A friend sent me an email outlining retail stores and companies that are closing this year. Here's my abbreviated list of the most noteable and drastic closures:

  • Gap Inc. closing 85 stores the closures - all planned for fiscal 2008 - will be weighted toward the Gap brand.
  • Foot Locker to close 140 stores
  • KB Toys posted a list of 356 stores that it is closing around the United  States
  • Sharper Image: The company recently filed for bankruptcy protection and announced that 90 of its 184 stores are closing.
  • Sprint Nextel - dropping the ax on 4,000 employees and 125 retail locations
  • CompUSA (CLOSED)
  • Ann Taylor closing 117 stores nationwide 
It's really important that EVERYONE votes November 4th.  I don't know how much to stress that. ALL have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to make an educated decision about who should lead this country.  Please please please pay attention to each candidates economic plans and if you don't understand...ask someone.  And remember: no matter what candidate gets elected, change does not happen overnight.

Until then, exercise your right!


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