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Monday, February 02, 2009

Closet Consultation: Jamiyl

So I decided to start a new series on my blog where I interview people I know with amazing style in their home.  My first subject is Jamiyl, who is the first New York friend I made when I interned back in Summer 2004.  I'm going to let him tell you about himself:

Image: A La Sekou

Name: Jamiyl
Occupation: Sales Consultant Paul Smith/
Freelance Writer
Location: Brooklyn (Crown Heights), NY

C$: Tell me about your closet?

J: I have a lot of Paul Smith obviously because I represent their line.  Lots of candy colored shirts with various patterns and striping.

C$:You get stuff custom made?

J: I get my shirts done made to measure.  There's a difference between custom and made-to-measure.

C$: You have a lot of shoes, tell me about your shoe game?

J: I have over 40 pairs of shoes. I own only one pair of black shoes and one pair of black boots that I haven't even worn.  I love colored and patterned shoes.  Plain black shoes are boring why bother.  You can't see the detailing in black shoes.  It harder to match black shoes with your outfit.  I think brown and cream are the most versatile colored shoe for outfits.

Image: A La Sekou

C$: Any advice for men in regard to selecting out their wardrobes?

J: The most important thing in selecting your wardrobe is that your clothing fits.  Particularly for men. Also, men shouldn't buy cheap shoes they should always spend a little money on shoes.  Unlike clothing, cheap shoes just look cheap. Women, however, can buy cheap shoes and still look good. For women its more about quantity over quality because they are always running out to buy a shoe for an outfit.  Men don't need to spend a lot of money buying designer clothes.  They need to spend money buying clothing that fits well.  I have been getting clothing from Daffy's (a discounter) and thrift stores for years and it is quality stuff.   You can also go to places like H&M and get stuff.  I never shop at H&M because it doesn't work for me but I know guys it works well for.  The most important thing for any man is that his clothing FITS.

Also, unless your woman works in the fashion industry, don't go shopping with your woman. 

C$: Why?

J: Women going shopping with their man is like a gay man going shopping with women.  It is an unwritten heirarchy.  Neither your sex nor your sexuality qualifies you as a style expert.  Most of the best dressed men I know are actually straight men.  Not to be sexist but most women who think they can dress can't really dress.  AND...If they can't dress themselves they can't dress you.  Men take their women with them shopping because they think a women automatically knows more about clothes then they do.  In reality, most women end up sabotaging their men.  Also women limit their men too much because they don't want their man to look to desirable.  At the end of the day all your woman does is help you look regular.  What is the point of paying $1000s of dollars for clothes and shoes if you are going to look regular? 

Dior Patent leather tuxedo shoes & Paul Smith loafers
from Jamiyl's closet

C$: Anything else?

J: Particularly for brothers, wear sh*t that fits.  A lot of brothers wear things that don't fit properly.

C$: Yeah like suits.

J: Yeah their suits don't fit.  Their shirts don't fit. They're too big, their pants hang off their ass. There are still vestiges left of this when they get older.  They never learn how to dress properly.  And they look underdressed next to their woman.  

Jamiyl hanging out

C$: Any future plans in men fashion?

J: I'm thinking about having my own men's style TV show.

C$: That would be awesome you have a lot to say.  Thanks for letting me come by and interview you.

J: One more thing...the best thing that any man should have is a good tailor.

C$: Absolutely.  Good one!  Thanks Jamiyl!

Until then, I'm looking forward to the next closet consultation!


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

this is dope. keep it up.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Dope idea, keep it up!

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thanks Guerre :)


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