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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Your Old 501s Get a Makeover

Everyone had Levi 501s...they were cheap, durable and in style.  Growing up in Maryland they were the denim of choice to wear with your Js (Jordans). They were often rolled up or cuffed.  NOW...check out what cuffing them adds to your look.  Oh, the possiblities:

Levi's 501 Graphic Collection
Images found at: Hypebeast.com
Edited by: C$tg

Dear Levi's

Can you please make these in my size...all I want to do is wear the blue graphic print ones inside out.  I'll take lots of pictures and feature it on my blog...pleeeeeeasssssse!

Until then, Much thanks Levi's!



BLK GRL said...

I have recently said I am too old to be the sneaker fiend and jeans head that I am but I must confess I lioove Levis. You are tres skinny, how don't they make them in your size?

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

These are mens, I am not sure that they are making womens. :(


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