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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration Can Come From...

...the most simplistic sources. For example:

Runway images found on Style.com
Edited and conceptualized by C$tg

House of Holland's (London) designer drew inspiration from paint swatches. What he did with that inspiration is what makes this collection amazing. I love his use of accessories in the head to toe color gradation. You may argue, "color gradiation is nothing new", but I ask 'what is new?' There is not much out there that we haven't seen before BUT there are always new ways to interpret old ideas.

Until then, Find new ways!



FLY LADY DI said...

very kewl!

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

Its a dope collection...one of my favs for fall so far.


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

hmmm... i don't know about this one. i think only the 'right' person can pull it off, it's not a look for your average.... then again, those who follow your blog aren't average!

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

LOL Guerre...you are so right!


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