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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emperial Nation Fall 08 Release Party 10.16.08

"This seasons first group takes inspiration from the great Harlem Renaissance era. Take a trip uptown with these original pieces that include images of Jack "Galveston Giant" Johnson, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, and other strong images from that time in history."

- EmperialNation.com

Thursday I attended Emperial Nation's Fall 2008 release party held at Gallery Bar. 2 Hungry Bros were spinning the hottness, open vodka bar, good times! One of the founders of the t-shirt line went to college with me so you know I had to support. Plus I won the raffle!!!!

Here's some more info about Emperial Nation:

Emperial Nation
Who are we?

The Emperial Nation movement is dedicated to preserve history through arts and fashion and giving it a new life through modern eyes of people who want to change their world.

We will enlighten and inspire our customers with the richness of history and what it represents today.

Respect the history. Take a stand in your life and change your world and you will be timeless, and remembered, just like the people who have built history until now.

The symbol that represents our movement is the guillotine, which was a fatal tool used in the French Revolution. We are using this symbol because of the impact it has made in history. And, for its strength which represents the revolution we are causing in the fashion industry and in global ideology.

Emperial Nation was created in New York City in 2007 by a group of streetwear connoisseurs. The pioneers of this lifestyle brand noticed a demand in the marketplace for sophisticated and meaningful designs inspired by historical events. The EN movement is dedicated to preserve history through the arts and giving it a new life through modern eyes of people who want to change their world. Come join the mission!

Until then, I'm loving what they are all about!



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