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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fashion Week Day 4: Telfar & Luca Luca

Hello friends! I had the pleasure of working again with my friend Telfar backstage on his S/S 09 show titled Breathe. Telfar designs androgynous clothing and every season he out does himself. The S/S 09 collection was inspired by the Olympics and took place at the St. Patrick's Gym on Mulberry St. The collection consisted of a lot of breathable mesh fabrics and customized Converse Jack Percell sneakers. The runway was made of turf! Just check this season's collection out for yourself:

Yes the tennis balls are the heels on this customized sneaker

P.S. Telfar and I were homecoming dates back in the days when I had a relaxer:

Next I went to work backstage at Luca Luca's S/S 09 Show in the Promenade tent. They took all of the dressers passes for the celebrities and such that were backstage. But I got a t-shirt:

Oh yeah and backstage was pandemonium! The photographers and camera men were so aggressive they literally almost knocked over the racks (and me) trying to photograph Serena Williams and Perrey Reeves (HBOs Entourage). The collection was beautiful lots of silk and organza fabrics, gowns with beautiful cut-out details, sheer blouses, silk jumpers, trousers and skirts with waistlines that had a stair-step effect. the color palette was soft and feminine, white, tan, grey with touches of coral and blue. I loved the collection and didn't see a piece that I wouldn't wear. Later today I will be working on Thom Browne. So ecstatic to be working on Thom Browne but it will be a challenge tying perfect half-windsor knots LOL.


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