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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fashion Week Day 3: Facehunter, Urban Arts Market & Harriet's Alter Ego

To quote Ice Cube, "Today was a good day." LOL but seriously it was. I went to the city today in hopes of checking the BK Royalty fashion show at the Bryant Park Hotel but for some reason it wasn't there (?). I mean the hotel was there not the fashion show. I didn't sweat it though because it gave me an excuse to hang out by the tents and shoot the cool election inspired graphics.

So I'm about to leave when a guy comes up to me and asks if he can shoot me. "Okay." "It's for facehunter, for the New York Times." "OKAY!" I was shot today by Yvan the legendary Facehunter from London. The pic will be up tomorrow and you know I'm gonna post it up here! After my intense shoot with Yvan (yes there's a reason why all his pics come out perfect). I run into the fashion giant Andre Leon Tally and muster "Hey Mr. Tally!" I am such a nerd, bumbling, couldn't even get my camera out to get a quick picture. Then I am stopped again by a photographer from Vogue.fr to take pics. I felt pretty accomplished by this time so I decided to head back to Brooklyn to partake in some events I planned on attending.

Next I stopped by Harriet's Alter Ego on Flatbush Ave and 7th in Brooklyn.

I checked out Rico Harris of Orignial RAH. He's a textile designer who does a lot of Batik hand dyed originals. Check him and his work out:

Check out the fashionable offspring of Harriet's Alter Ego...they got me for my necklaces LOL.

Then I slid over to the Urban Arts Market on Myrtle Ave and Grand Ave. Sounds were by the Soul Summit Djs and vendors were some of BK's Finest. I ran into my boy Ekene, a dope digital designer doing his thing in Europe.

Randomly saw Ta$isSoArnold

Hadn't seen him since I met him at Magic '06

Got some good accessory flicks

Then I went BACK to Harriet's for the Stylized Sundays event, hosted by StuffFlyPeopleLike.com and Omo Writes.

Sounds by the Ahficionados.

Akeema one of the designers/ co-owner of Harriet's Alter Ego

He's simply awesome

A visual merchandiser at heart I just love creative display ideas

Who you calling a blogger? Myself, the guys from StuffFlyPeopleLike.com and Samantha aka Omo Writes

I can't complain this was one great day. I made some new connects, reconnected with people, laughed, danced, got some good press and ended my night with a quesadilla and some guac. Life is good.

P.S. I promise I will rotate the pics later I am so tired and my photobucket account is being annoying, please bear with me.


Kitty Hawk, Brooklyn New York City said...

thanks a bunch for coming thru! love the blog, loved your make up, excetra excetra!

till next time

-the bartender

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