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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fashion Week Day 1: Venexiana

I worked backstage at my first Olympus Fashion Week show!

Here's my pass:

Here's what I wore:

It was so hectic! Venexiana's S/S 09 line was amazing! There were beautiful, beaded and sequins gowns with lots of chiffon. Chic suiting with wide leg pants and sexy jackets. Pencil skirts with loads of gathers down the sides. Elaborate beading and embroidery. I definitely got inspired being around all of those beautiful garments. There where 35 dressers including myself. My model came from another show and arrived right when the show began so it was crazy getting her ready in time. Its so funny how there's so much preparation and stress for a 20 min show but presentation is EVERYTHING. I'm working LUCA LUCA S/S 09 on Monday! I'm so excited :). This is a fashion lover's dream and I am living it!


I Sort Glass said...

Crazy eyeshadow. Whoa! Proud of our lil dress are wee? You're beautiful... Great new blog...

Alon said...

I went to the shows Yeterday and it was an amazing experience for me as well.
I was shot by several magazines/newspapers on the way out...WHat a great day even without money you can still smile....LOL
Yasinabdur(Recording Artist/Entertainer)

Scandalous Beauty said...

What an awesome experience! I agree, there is a ton of work involved backstage! The thrill of it all is crazy!! Spring/Summer 09 was my first time backstage and I loved every second of it!

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