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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What C$tg wore in Japan pt. 1

My homie and fellow blogger Samantha of OMO Writes asked me to do this so here it goes. Sam you like how you inspired the title? As I go through all my pics from my trip I'll keep posting new ones.

Shot in Yokahama by DaiTime

Faux fur jacket with hood. Denim vest with leopard and star stud detail. Fushia and red striped pants - all vintage. Bag by Moschino. Metallic Blazers sneakers by Nike. Custom Laces by C$tg.

T-shirt by Chris Myers. Necklace custom by C$tg. Earrings from your local beauty supply store.

Until then, Send me your fashion shots to be featured!



Samantha Smikle said...

the jumbo safety pin and $ chains! i love it!

thanks for the shout!! so glad you did this! can't wait to see more! wait! can't wait to see you!

Talk to you soon girlie!

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