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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

C$tg Designs in Tokyo!

Myself and MariJ at the Japan Music Week event

I was so fortunate while I was in Tokyo to be invited to vendor at DaiTime's Japan Music Event the "Nu Nu Showcase." Here are some of the evening's highlights:

Guest performer Maggie Horn purchased my "Broken Dreamgirl" Dress

Another guest performer Rinko purchased two dresses from me

Rinko, myself and DaiTime

Rinko's 2nd dress purchase

The owner of Smoke Bar liked this skirt she bought from me so much she put it on immediately and wore it for the evening. I want all my clothes to continue to excite my customers like that :).

And she bought these keychains/ cell phone charms from me. New accessories I made while I was there.

Summary: I made money! Seriously though I learned that there's market for my clothes in Tokyo and I intend to capitalize on that. :D

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