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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion Week Day 3: Calvin Klein Mens Collection

I had a ticket to go to this show and I didn't. What is wrong with me? Kayne West and Jared Leto were in the 1st row!!!

Photo credit: Getty Images

I opted out of going because I always have a better chance of viewing entire collections online rather than at the shows.  The shows are always too quick and you can't really see all the details of each look. 

Like these futuristic jackets:

Ooh and the return of the shiny suit:

All photos credited to: Marcio Madeira
View the entire collection HERE on Men.Style.com

Or at least that was my excuse. Sigh. I definitely learned my lesson, I'm not passing up a major show like that again. Unless, I have my own show ;).

Until then, Kick me!



TSO WHAT said...

are those jackets scuba material?

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