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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion Week Day 4: Jill Stuart A/W 09

Backstage at Jill Stuart
 Pic taken on my Blackberry :)

I love working backstage at shows.  I love the excitement and rushing around for a show that only lasts 12 minutes.  I also love it when I work a show like Jill Stuart, whose clothes I love and own.  This collection, however, I must say the shoes are what really got me.  Like these strappy numbers:

Photo credit: Marcio Madeira
Cropped by yours truly :)

And these boots:

More backstage Blackberry pics taken by yours truly :)

The major theme of the collection a was gothic one.  The colors were black and ivory with touches of grey and a little splash of lilac.  Once again Jill Stuart's dresses wowed me.  Take a look at a few favorites: 

I dressed Tanya Dziahileva pictured above

All photos credited to: Marcio Madeira
View the entire collection HERE on Style.com

The fringe armwarmers are also worth noting...I definitely can see them becoming a trend.  Along with cascading ruffles and shiny lace, which are trends I started noting last fashion week for spring 09.  Looks like they will continue into fall 09.  Thanks Jill Stuart for staying true to who you are in this tough economic time. 

P.S. Jill I really really really love the shoes.  

Until then,  I'm saving up!




oh yeah...the shoes...can they magically appear on my doorstep? please and thank you.

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

O-kay! I live for those shoes!


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