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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Be a Claire's Style Blogger!

I remember shopping at Claire's at Lakeforest Mall in MD back in the day for their accessories. They always had a wide variety of earrings, necklaces, rings, headbands and other really cool finds. Well now I'm ready shop there again! They've teamed up with Glee to sell official Glee merchandise check out some of my favorites...two finger rings!

And guess what? You can be a Claire's Style Blogger...

"Claire’s has revamped their site - http://www.claires.com with the goal of engaging teen and tween girls in a fun and interactive form of girl talk.

For the first time, Claire’s features bloggers contributing on style tips, music and pop culture gossip to Claires.com.  And you have a shot to blog for Claires.com!

You’ll have your own column on Claires.com, contributing on video blogs, attend events, be part of photo shoots and drastically increase twitter following. Also, you or one of your readers will share their personal photos and videos giving insight into your/ their lives, in lieu of traditional studio photography.

Claire's fans will have the opportunity to interact with the bloggers by posting comments, questions and sharing posts and access the content via The Buzz, Claire's social media filter.

Additionally users can become the next official Claires.com style curator for future months by submitting a video and info on their style. Located here: http://www.claires.com/site/covergirls/beCoverGirl.jsp "

For all my teenage readers this sounds like a fun opportunity! Take advantage and good luck!
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2 Finger Rings said...

Great collection of double finger rings. The "Love" one is my favorite.

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