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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Garment Room Opening!

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112 Greene Street, lower level
(between Spring and Prince Streets) in SoHo
New York, NY 10005

While strolling the streets of SOHO during FNO Contessa brought this opening to my attention.  Its a cute vintage shop with great merchandise, ambiance and an art gallery!  The visual displays were creative (in collage above) and the selection of vintage & independent designer goods were very refined.  In the words of Kim (managing editor of M.I.S.S.) "Its a higher end Urban Outfitters."  The owner, Tiffany Nicole is really nice and down to earth, apparently she has a following and lots of clientele in Chicago as well.  Stop by next time you are in SOHO.  I guarantee you'll love the space and the goods.

For more info:

Until then, I have my eye on some bowties!



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