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Monday, December 08, 2008

Are you FAUX real!?

I love fur.

But I feel bad about it.

Guilty even.

And now that it's getting colder and I see all these ladies on Madison avenue rocking their floor length minks and matching toppers.  I want one, well actually I want a rabbit or fox fur vest.  Well here's my thoughts on how I can get over my guilt.  

1. Buy a faux fur coat or vest (Obvious)- If it's a good one people usually can't tell its faux & they are really warm options.

2. Buy a vintage fur- Less expensive & they've had previous owners so you don't feel like that animal was killed recently just for you.  Well at least that's my logic LOL.  PETA is hating me right now.

Until then, I'm still conflicted!


P.S. That coat is a vintage beauty given to me by my grandma-in-law...can you tell if it's FAUX REAL?  First one to get the answer right wins a prize...50/50 chances come on!


Célia said...

completly feel youuu

Célia said...

i feel you !!!

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