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Monday, November 10, 2008

Recession Finds: Boots Under $30

It's a recession and a lot of us can't afford to spend to stay on trend. Thus, I have decided to bring to you: Recession Finds, a way to follow fashion and trends on a budget. Today I have for your consideration: Boots under $30.

Pedro Garcia & Fendi boots found at: Net-a-Porter.com

I found those two cute little numbers while on jury duty today in downtown Brooklyn (I know, yikes!).  I was expecting well...cheap & ugly fashion.  I did see a lot of that LOL, but I was pleasantly suprised at how affordable and on trend these two boots were. Next time you are by a Rainbow or Payless don't be ashamed to pop in...you never know what fashionable goodies you might find. Plus didn't President-elect Obama say we need to watch our spending?

Until then, pay-less!



Crystal said...

YES!!! those rainbow boots are FIYA! keep up the good work! lovin' the commentary!

Who is Chay$theGreat? said...

I know I think I'm gonna have to get 'em.


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