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Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Locked-Out" Screening & Kevin Powell

So last night I was at Habana Outpost meeting my talented singer-friend Akua Taylor.

Randomly there was a screening at the lounge they added downstairs called "The Low Post." Its cute its got a grimey subway station feel to it. Anyways, they were screening this documentary "Locked-Out: Ex-Cons and the Vote". The film was intro'd by Kevin Powell (original "Real World" cast member, dope author and activist...running for congress again in 2010, just google him if you don't know). He gave a great speech about the importance of everyone knowing about all the candidates, not just the democrats and republicans, green party and independents as well. The documentary was very informative, there's only 1 more day to register and if you are an ex-con or know anyone who is do research. In the state of New York ex-cons CAN vote once they have finished parole and probationary periods! Find out your rights tonight! If you haven't been able to catch the documentary on BET here's the trailer and a New York Times article about ex-cons voting rights being restored.

States Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Convicts

Afterwards I was a total nerd and told Kevin Powell how I remembered him on the "Real World" and how he always had a book with him and I thought he was soooooo smart...I'm such a loser :). Oh yeah and I took a picture in the bathroom of The Low Post:

And of Louis Vuitton Ron LMAO he thinks he's fresh to def!

That's all she wrote people. I'm working in the am on a Vh1 station ID shoot I'll have some production pics up tomorrow. And my girl Lois Eastlund is opening a store so I'm there too.

Until then, know your rights people!



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