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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Its a menswear Tuesday!

It's a sad time for many men in suits given the daily drama on wall street. But come on...you can laugh at this:

I was in the village today (Greenwich) and I haven't been hanging around there since I quit a job I worked on Christopher and Bleeker 2 yrs ago. Anyway I started to notice less sex shops on Christopher St. and more retail stores. WOW. Huge difference, there's a Rag and Bone, Brooklyn Industries and this charming mens boutique:

Lord Willy's known for its custom tailoring has a ready to wear shop on 102 Christopher (close to Bleeker St.). I personally have an affinity for menswear growing up with a father who was a preacher who never wore the same suit twice. I know beautifully crafted mens suiting when I see it and Lord Willy's definitely delivers. Plus they are fun and quirky with slogans like "Don't be silly, there's no such thing as too many shirts" and "Pull up your socks" on display in the store. Their website is also a lot of fun and very interactive with a great video for those of you who like Jack Russell Terriers.  I am impressed an refreshed by this find today, which happens rarely these days so yay for Lord Willy's!!!

Until then, more men in suits please!

(Oh and speaking of Brooklyn Industries...they are having a great sale and I got a laptop envelope for $19...they are like $40-60 everywhere else. And I got a dope t-shirt...I'm such an impulse shopper).  


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