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Friday, October 03, 2008

I LOVE Andre3000!

Images courtesy of: nytimes.com

“For an African-American guy to be a prep, that’s a dichotomy. Prep style comes from mostly affluent families who just wear these cool clothes. But when you come from a background that has more struggle, your take on it will be different. There’s a certain kind of rebel to it.” -Andre3000 (nytimes.com)

As most of you know I love Andre3000 aka Andre Benjamin!  He has a clothing line that debuted in February of this year at Barney's called Benjamin Bixby.  And of the celebrity fashion lines that we have seen over the last decade, he's one of the few that actually are fashionable (along with Gwen's L.A.M.B.).  Meaning he did more than put his logo on jeans or his name across a t-shirt.  His collection is very 1930s rugby inspired, a market that only Sir Ralph himself has tapped into.  But something about Benjamin Bixby is fresh and not entirely nostalgic.  The price points are: cotton corduroy blazer $995, felted waistcoat $350 and a newsboy cap $95. Its the return of the gentleman all thanks to Mr. Benjamin.

Until then, me amo Andre!


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