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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Army Green and...

All clothing and images found via  Net-a-Porter

After having a twitter conversation with @PurpleDistrict I decided to do a new collage and post on Fall 2010 trends. If you haven't noticed Army green and leopard print are blazing hot this season.  And all over the place its almost overwhelming!  Sometimes army green can seem drab as hell so...drumroll...

I did a collage to brighten up army green (and fall sheesh) by using another popular color -- coral!  I also decided to through purple into the mix because its my favorite color! I think that army green is almost a staple color like brown or black, it can go with almost any color.

As your wearing army green and leopard this season don't be afraid to mix other colors with it!  I like to see various yellows (from sunny to mustard) and grays with army green. And don't be afraid to mix brown and black pieces!  Learn the art of coordinating (not over matching) through experimenting and trying things different ways.

If you have any color, style or fashion questions don't hesitate to tweet at me at: http://www.twitter.com/chaythegr8 and I will blog your answer!

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