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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lorick X Leah C

Lorick FW 2010 Presentation

Hats by Leah C
I attended the presentation by Lorick on Sunday featuring hats by Leah C.  Check out a lil' video of the event

Fitting Photos

The collection was sophisticated and elegant.  I love the use of emerald green in this collection (its not a color that we see very often anymore).   The use of pleating on the cocktail dresses was so dainty and feminine.  I loved the mix of tweeds, metallic fabrics and silks.  The collection conjured up images of womenswear silhouettes from 1940s and 70s.  To say the hats by Leah C were works of art is an understatement.  I was in awe of Leah C's craftsmanship and creativity as a milliner.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the presentation and the collection.  Keep up the great work Abigail!

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Meg Davies said...

Love the colour scheme and the accessories!

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